Tibidabo Amusement Park is located in:
Tibidabo Square, 3-4
08035 Barcelona

Funicular Railway, Cuca de Llum

cuca de llum


  • Route: Funicular Bottom Station (Plaça Doctor Andreu) - Tibidabo Amusement Park
  • Schedule and frequency: 
    • Days that Amusement Park opens: from 10.25 am until 15 minutes after the Park closes, every 15 minutes
    • Days that only the Panoramic Area is opened: from 10.55 am until 15 minutes after the Park closes, every 15 minutes
  • Prices: included with the Tibiclub pass, the Amusement Park entrance ticket and the Emblematic Rides Pass (Panoramic Area).

    Price without entrance ticket:
    • Reference rate: €12
    • Reduced rate (junior, gaudir +, single-parent and large families, Bus turístic): €6
    • Super reduced rate (senior, functional diversity, social action, schools): €3,50


T2C - Tibibus from Plaça Kennedy



  • Journey: Plaça Kennedy - Funicular lower station (Plaça Doctor Andreu)
  • Schedule: From 10.15 am until the Park or the Panoramic Area closes.
  • Frequency:
    • When all the amusement Park is opened: every 10 minutes
    • When only the Panoramic Area opens: every 30 minutes
  • Price: Free with the early ticket, that you must exchange at Tibidabo Store, located et Passeig Sant Gervasi, 36 (Barcelona).


T2B - Tibibus des de l’Aparcament B:SM Sant Genís



  • Route: B:SM Sant Genis Car Park (just in front of the Vall d'Hebron hospital complex) - Funicular Bottom Station (Plaça Doctor Andreu)
  • Schedule: Every weekend and days that all the Park opens. From 10:30 am to 30 minutes after closing. Check the opening dates here.
  • Frequency: Every 30 minutes
  • Shuttle bus (T2B) price: Free for all the customers of the park buying the early entrance*, that you can exchange at the ticket office located outside the B:SM Sant Genís parking lot.
  • B:SM Sant Genís Parking lot price: 4.20 € / day and free for Tibiclub partners

*The entrance with promotions can not be bought online, you need to buy them directly at the ticket offices, but it will depend on the Park capacity in that moment.


T2A - Tibibus from Estació del Nord

t2a amb cuca


  • Route: Estació del Nord (Carrer d'Alí Bei, 80) - Funicular Bottom Station (Plaça Doctor Andreu) 
  • Schedule: Every weekend and days that the Amusement Park is open. From 10 am until 30 minutes after the Park closes. Check the calendar here
  • Frequency: from 10:15 am to 2 pm, every 45 minutes. From 2 pm to 5.45 pm, every 90 minutes. From 5.54 pm until the Park closes, every 45 minutes.
  • Price shuttle bus (T2A): €3 per person and journey*.  
    Free for Tibiclub members and kids under 3 years old (included).
*The Tibibus T2A fare will be refunded on purchasing Amusement Park entrance tickets in the general, junior, senior, functional-diversity, numerous-family or single-parent-family categories, purchase of Emblematic Attractions Passes in the general, family, junior and reduced price categories. In order to receive the refund (€3), you must present the Tibibus T2A ticket at the ticket office, along with a receipt or proof of reservation for the above-mentioned entrance categories. The fare (€3) will not be refunded for any of the zero-cost (€0) entrance categories, or for the special-discount tickets, nor those acquired through a travel agency or tour operator.