Cuca de Llum

The new Tibidabo funicular railway came into service on Saturday 12 June


The new ‘Cuca de Llum’ Tibidabo funicular railway was inaugurated on Saturday 12 June and comes into service with a twofold purpose: as the main means of access to the summit, and at the same time, the first experience and the gateway to the Amusement Park. The inauguration of the new funicular railway culminates the new plan to revamp mobility at the mountain to make it more sustainable, incentivising collective transport in the protected environment of the Collserola Natural Park. The new funicular provides a major boost for Tibidabo and the city as a whole, regaining an iconic transport system for Barcelona.

The main goals of the project are to consolidate collective transport as the priority means of access, guarantee the right to mobility for all people and cut pollutant emissions

The Cuca de Llum (Firefly) heralds the implementation of the new mobility plan, consisting of three Tibibus shuttle buses operating out of three points around the city to reach Plaça del Doctor Andreu, where the lower station of the funicular is located. The Tibibus services are:

  • T2A: Estació del Nord - Plaça Doctor Andreu
  • T2B: Aparcament B:SM Sant Genís - Plaça Doctor Andreu
  • T2C: Plaça Kennedy (Avinguda Tibidabo, 2) -  Plaça Doctor Andreu
  • infografia nova mobilitat

Check the new mobility system for Tibidabo here.

The new gateway to the Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Cuca de Llum forms part of the park and offers visitors their first experience, acting as a gateway. The railway has been completely overhauled, including the stations, the platforms and the tracks. The former overhead catenary has also been replaced by a third rail, enabling the new carriages to be much higher, and more spacious inside. Accessibility has also been improved for people with reduced mobility, with the construction of a new lift exclusively for their use.

Both trains are driverless, thanks to an advanced operating system which makes for greater optimisation and safety.

The new funicular railway is faster and more efficient: its capacity has been increased to 252 passengers per journey, maintaining the route of 1,150 metres, an ascent/descent of 277 metres and an average gradient of 25%. Its innovative design was created by the architect Josep Miàs. 

The design offers a unique panoramic view, with the park and the Giradabo ride in the background looking upwards, and the city of Barcelona looking downwards. Various interactive screens are also fitted inside the vehicles and allow passengers to interact with the Cuca de Llum, providing a source of knowledge and entertainment.

The modern and futuristic lighting for the funicular plays an important part in the new image for the Cuca de Llum, coming into its own when darkness falls. This is when the true sense of the name for the funicular is to be discovered, as the vehicles light up, their profiles creating the image of a firefly making its way up the mountain.