The Solidarity Summer children’s project, which we have been working on for three years, involves giving solidarity organisations 100 free tickets per day for vulnerable children to be able to visit the Tibidabo Amusement Park over the summer with the primary aim of enabling children who cannot afford to come to the Park to spend a whole day there free of charge.


  • Requirements

Requests from organisations must meet the following requirements:


  1. The organisations must be based in the city of Barcelona.
  2. That the majority of the children who receive the tickets live in the city of Barcelona.
  3. Their mission must include vulnerable children or they must have a service aimed at vulnerable children.
  4. The tickets requested must be intended primarily for vulnerable children.
  5. The organisations must have signed up to the Citizen Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona:



  • Period of validity of the tickets

The tickets can be used from 22 June to 11 September 2019 inclusive.

Special centres and/or social action


We offer rates reduced by 80% off our list prices for students in shelters, students from families in situations of conflicts, social cohesion centres, non-profit centres and special education students.  The entrance fee in these cases is €7; accompanying teaching staff come in for free.


Entries with this rate must be made with prior reservation through the email and with a minimum of 5 days in advance.


To make a reservation it is essential to prove that you are an entity that serves people who are in risk ofsocial exclusion and/or disadvantaged groups.