What will the new mobility to Tibidabo be like with the Cuca de Llum?

More sustainable mobility


The new Tibidabo Mobility Plan, with the Cuca de Llum, enables access to be improved and promotes more sustainable mobility. One of the main goals of the plan is to consolidate collective transport as a preferential meansof getting to the top of the mountain and the Amusement Park, thus reducing the use of private vehicles.


With the goal of reducing exhaust fumes on the mountain and promoting the use of collective transport, this new mobility will see the Cuca de Llum act as the gateway to the top of Tibidabo. Because of this, the Tibibus will continue to operate but with a change of route, going as far as the lower station of the funicular railway (in Plaça del Doctor Andreu) so that visitors head to the top with the new Cuca de Llum, the fastest, most sustainable and iconic means of transport.


The various Tibibus services go directly to the park and can be used t while work continues on the Cuca de Llum. Check the different routes here.