Tibidabo, an exciting place to work in

Tibidabo Amusement Park is a magical, iconic place in Barcelona. Activities there include managing the Amusement park, food stalls, the Funicular and the Panoramic Area, Tibidabo's free-access area.

Our mission is to bring happiness to the people interacting with Tibidabo and by working with us you will become part of a dynamic team where you will find new paths and adventures.

Sustainability, solidarity, education and experiences are the four cornerstones that Tibidabo’s identity rests on. One of the main goals of managing the Amusement park is to bring maximum satisfaction to city residents and our customers, inside and outside, which is why Tibidabo’s professionals are the company’s most important asset. The Park’s values are:

  • Safety
  • Commitment
  • Solidarity
  • Excitement
  • Passion for people

Tibidabo has several work areas



Amusement Park - Grounds

It includes jobs relating to the attractions, the box offices, the car park, the Funicular and the Information Office.



Amusement Park - Restaurant and bars

It includes jobs relating to the Park's restaurants and bars and inside food stalls.




· Administration and Finances Department

· Maintenance and Safety Department

· Marketing, Sales and Customer-Care Department

· Operations Department

· Human Resources, Quality and Environment Department