Barcelona Capital Mundial de l'Alimentació Sostenible Tibidabo

Barcelona has been named World Sustainable Food Capital 2021!


The city of Barcelona is committed to promoting sustainable food and promotes initiatives based on three key criteria: promoting healthy and accessible diets for all citizens, considering sustainable food as an opportunity for economic recovery and combating the climate crisis. This way, Tibidabo, more sustainable than ever, has joined the project throughout the season, offering related activities as part of its educational strategy.


In June, the Seasons menu project was launched, offering a proposal of ingredients and dishes for each of the four seasons of the year. In September, we were all able to enjoy the show Small changes are powerful, by Pep Callau i els Pepsicolen, which aimed to raise awareness and educate about sustainability. And now, in November, we will welcome the new educational workshops with Fundació Alicia, taking advantage of the fact that this will be the month of healthy habits.


Find out more about the project on the website Barcelona World Sustainable Food Capital 2021 by Ajuntament de Barcelona.