Sustainability Plan

You can now consult the new Sustainability Plan (2022-2024) of the Tibidabo Amusement Park! Learn about the commitment, stakeholders, alliances of the environment and the environmental environment of Tibidabo in the new interactive plan.

Take a look at the new Sustainability Plan

Sustainability - one of our core themes

At Tibidabo Amusement Park, as part of Collserola Natural Park of Collserola, we love and care for our environment and therefore we have established one of our core themes the management of our commitment to the environment.


Since 2007 we have adhered to Barcelona + Sustainable and since 2015 we have been ISO 14001 certified.


We work in three areas related to the environment:

  • Mobility and accessibility: we promote the use of collective transport as one of our priorities in regard to travelling to the top of the mountain - for staff, guests and suppliers.
  • Biodiversity: we carry out regular maintenance of native vegetation within the grounds of the Park.
  • Reducing waste and controlling consumption of electricity and water: we implement measures to improve the collection of waste and control of water and electricity.

Environmental Projects

At Tibidabo Amusement Park - part of the Collserola Sierra Natural Park - we love our environment and strive to conserve it.  This is why we carry out a number of environmental studies to assess its status and carry out necessary activities as required. 


Among the main activities we carry out in this regard are the following:


  • The Park has been working with the Consortium of the Collserola Natural Park since 2011 as part of a cooperation agreement.
  • Significant improvements have been made to the vegetation in different areas of the Park.
  • Environmental studies are periodically carried out along with checks of the status of the Park’s trees by the department in charge of Quality and Environment. These are carried out in collaboration with external specialist companies with the aim of conserving our environment in an optimal state.

Tibidabo Amusement Park is at the top of the mountain. This is why we encourage you to come here by public transport; our aim is to enable guests to reach the top while reducing use of private transport.


This is why we have completely done a renew of the funicular railway with the Cuca de Llum [Firefly], which it's the gateway to the Park, offering the quickest and most sustainable way of getting to Tibidabo. The introduction of this new means of transport aims to reduce air pollution on the mountain.


We also offer the most economical car parking at the Sant Genís B:SM car park, located in Vall d'Hebron, with the aim of persuading guests not to travel to the Park by private transport.  These forms of transport and the car park in Vall d'Hebron are free for Tibiclub members.

  • Tibinet:

System to improve selective waste collection, under which more than 120 recycling points were installed.


  • Reusable glasses:

With the aim of minimising waste, since 2016 the Park has provided guests with reusable glasses at its restaurants and cafes. These are also a useful way of raising awareness among children, young people and families about the importance of reuse.


  • Sustainable and efficient LED lighting

In 2009, work began to replace the Amusement Park’s network of lighting in line with sustainability and self-sufficiency criteria.


  • Installation of solar panels

In January 2017 solar panels were installed for some of the LED lights within the Park’s Panoramic Area