Every year at the Tibidabo Amusement Park we hold over a dozen solidarity days in collaboration with different organisations and other cultural events. As each day approaches, all the information about it will appear on the home page of the website.


Click on each month to find out about the solidarity days planned for 2019.

Gathering of Castellers [Human Towers], 12 May


A cultural day when various human tower groups from all over Catalonia will make impressive human towers in Plaça Somnis. There will be plenty of music and excitement!

Un Cop de Mà (a lending hand), 26 May


A solidarity event organised by the Mi grano de arena Foundation to support the organisations working in Barcelona to help children in situations of social risk around the world.

Un dia de Nassos (a Brilliant Day), 2 June


A solidarity event to collect funds for Pallapupas, a non-profit healthcare association which aims to improve the physical and emotional condition of children and elderly people in hospital and people with mental illnesses through theatre and humour.

Symphonic Festival, 8 June


A day of 100 free concerts performed simultaneously by over 5,000 music school students in 100 locations in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. The students who will perform at the Tibidabo Amusement Park are from the Trémolo music school.

Un Estiu Sense Barreres (A Summer Without Barriers), 13 June


A day when we invite all special education schools and organisations and associations in Catalonia that look after people with mental and physical disabilities to the Park. The aim is for this group to be able to enjoy the facilities under conditions of equal opportunities, helping them to access the rides and shows where necessary. The day is also our chance to present the accessibility and mobility advancements made to the facilities.

To take part in, you have to make a previous reservation through this form.

Event for large families in Catalonia (FANOC), 16 June


Large families have their special day at Tibidabo in the form of this event for which they can enjoy special rates on showing their large family card or their FANOC [Association of Large Families of Catalonia] card at the Park’s ticket booths.

Children's event, 22 June


A solidarity event promoted jointly with the Soñar Despierto Foundation to help children living in shelters and foster homes to enjoy the Park’s rides and shows under conditions of equality. The event aims to promote coexistence between the volunteers and the children and to raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering to encourage young people to get involved.

Festa de les famílies nombroses de Catalunya, 7 de juliol


El col·lectiu de les famílies nombroses té el seu dia al Tibidabo a través de la celebració d'aquesta festa, en la qual poden gaudir de tarifes especials presentant el títol de família nombrosa o el carnet de la FANOC en els punts de venda d'entrades del Parc.

Ramon Martí Bonet Foundation Solidarity event, 13 July


A solidarity event to raise money for the Ramon Martí Bonet Foundation, an organisation that works to provide eye treatment and surgery for people at risk of social exclusion in Catalonia.

Civic Behaviour Event, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29 September and 5 October


An day of exhibitions put on by the various units of the Guàrdia Urbana city police, including the Canine Section, and the chance for young children to ride one of the Mounted Unit’s horses.

Heart Event (AACIC), 6 October


A solidarity event to support people suffering from congenital heart disease and their families. This event is organised jointly with CorAvant, an organisation that works to improve the quality of life of people suffering from this type of heart disease.

Giant Carrier Event, 17 November


After the 30th anniversary celebration of the giants of the Agrupació de Colles de Geganters de Catalunya, in 2019 we have decided to celebrate our own day of giants, the 1st Gigantic Meeting of Tibidabo, where 6 groups from Catalonia will participate. They will exhibit its giants in the Garden Square and will do an exhibition of dances.

Grandparents’ Event, 21 and 22 December


A very special day when all the visitors who identify themselves as grandparents and their grandchildren at the Park’s ticket booths can enjoy free admission to be able to have a family day out and enjoy all the rides and shows together.

Peace Song, 27 December


Solidarity event to boost education in values ​​such as tolerance, solidarity and respect where the children are given the chance to express their wish for peace through singing as song. Free entrance until 11:30 am with solidarity contribution of 2€ in favour of UNICEF.