Col·locació vehicles Cuca de Llum

The first carriages for the Cuca de Llum are here


With work on the track almost complete and the revamp to the upper and lower stations in its final stages, the Cuca de Llum is ever closer to becoming a reality and should be able to be inaugurated during the second quarter of the year.

The latest step came on Thursday 11 March with the positioning of the first two carriages for the first funicular railway vehicle. The carriages came directly from France, from the Sigma factory belonging to the Leitner Group, on two large lorries with special gondolas for transporting railway elements. The operation took place at the lower station (Plaça del Doctor Andreu) using a 220-tonne crane. The other two carriages for the second vehicle will arrive on Thursday 18 March.


Watch how the first vehicle was put into the train track here.


What will the Cuca de Llum be like?

The Funicular has an innovative and advanced design, increasing the capacity to 252 passengers and cutting the journey time to three minutes. The new design also enables passengers to enjoy a panoramic view of the whole journey, as well as new educational content through screens and tablets located on board.

The renewal of the Funicular is in line with the Tibidabo Mobility Plan and forms part of the Strategic Plan for the Tibidabo Amusement Park 2020-2025. The new mobility which comes with the inauguration of the Cuca de Llum should improve access to the top of Tibidabo and promote more sustainable mobility. One of the main goals of the plan is to consolidate collective transport as the preferred means of getting up the mountain and to the amusement Park.

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