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Tibidabo Droyz

New figures of the Mascots!

Are you a fan of the Mascots of Tibidabo? We're releasing new collectible figures of the Park's stars! 🎉
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We present new collectible and unique figures of the Mascots of Tibidabos. From the hand of the Catalan brand DROYZ, the first European company to design and produce customizable collectible figures with an impact on the metaverse and web 3.0., the new figures allow you to enjoy the stars of the Park physically and digitally.


These are a Figital, a figure that combines the physical collectible with its digital equivalent. In other words, with the code you will find in the box, you will be able to access and play with the character in a digital world. All DROYZ figures are associated with a certificate of authenticity validated with blockchain technology, so it cannot be tampered with, and its authenticity is recorded.


In addition, you can also customize your favourite Mascot with more than 25 stickers, with which you can modify their facial expressions.


The figures of the Mascots are unique and collectible, and you can find them in the Tibidabo shop. Their price is €49.95 and, in case you want to reserve your figure, you can contact us here.

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