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New attraction


3, 2, 1... One of the most TOP news of the season is here! 🎉 From Saturday 15th of April, you will be able to experience a new ride with the addition of Virtual Reality glasses to the Roller Coaster! 🎢👓



N of New attraction


We present one of the TOP news of the season! 🔝 The Roller Coaster becomes a new ride with the addition of Virtual Reality glasses. From Sunday 16th of April, you will be able to live a new experience in one of the Park's star attractions. In it, you will accompany the Mascots of Tibidabo on a fast-paced adventure in their new film, in which they are the protagonists. The new attraction will allow you to live a unique, unforgettable and very TOP experience. Do you dare? 🎢👓



T of Technology


Tibidabo has been characterized by being an innovative and pioneering space since its opening, becoming the first theme park in Spain to have a funicular (1901), an aeroplane simulator that made the first flight Barcelona – Madrid (1928) or an attraction with virtual reality (2017).


"Our main challenge is to create unique experiences that can be experienced in very few places in the world. For this reason, the Park has opted to develop new technologies and combine them with the historical essence of its most emblematic attractions", explains the general director of the Tibidabo Amusement Park. "We started from the experience of the Tibidabo Express, which is why we opted to add Virtual Reality technology to the Roller Coaster". 


The Roller Coaster with Virtual Reality offers users a new immersive experience where for 2 minutes they can travel on a high-speed adventure, James Bond style. "Thanks to Virtual Reality we have turned the Roller Coaster into two completely different Roller Coasters". 🙌




M of More details


From April 16, you will be able to ride the attraction with Virtual Reality glasses. These, included in the ticket entrance to the Amusement Park, will give visitors the option to enjoy the attraction in two different ways, with and without glasses. The ride will maintain its capacity and access restrictions. In other words, 16 people over 120 cm can get on it per trip. The glasses that will be used will be those of the current Tibidabo Express, which will no longer provide this service. ✍️



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With your Amusement Park ticket, you can enjoy all the attractions and shows. In addition, it includes a return trip with the Cuca de Llum, the Tibidabo funicular (from Plaça Doctor Andreu). Consult the opening calendar, choose your visit date and reserve your ticket here. And enjoy a TOP day with your family and/or friends! 🎡


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And if you want to experience a year of fun, join the TibiClub! 🎫 With the annual pass, you can enjoy Tibidabo as many times as you want during 12 months. In addition, you will have unique benefits and discounts inside and outside the Park. Choose your modality, Family (€168, the whole family, a whole year) or Individual (€60, a whole year) and live a TOP year! Learn more here.


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And finally, we are very excited to share with you the spot of the Roller Coaster with Virtual Reality, with the alphabet in Rosalía style. Why? Because we're talking about nothing less than the... Russa-lía. (Someone had to make the joke! In Catalan and Spanish makes more sense, though) 🚀 Connect with us by following us on @parctibidabo and share the spot. And we want to know what you think of the new attraction of your favourite Amusement Park! 🤳🏻 


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