05/10/2019 20:15 Nivell 5
Viu la por

Language: Spanish

Recommended age: From 8 years old

Schedule: Weekends from 5 October intil 2 November at 8.15 pm. 3 November at 7.15 pm.

Duration: 30 minutes

Location: Plaça Somnis (level 5)


Over 6,000 years ago, an ancient prophecy foretold that this year, on Barcelona's magic mountain, Lady Swan would make her last flight, coinciding with the first fall of leaves. Lady Swan, with her delicate and graceful movements, exudes a sublime beauty, showing her to be a pure and magical being. As her dance develops, her strength is sapped and her soul, sinking into the depths of sadness, finds itself more vulnerable than ever, until she seems to swoon. This is the moment the 5 witches (Clothos, Laquesis, Átropos, Estena and Eúriale) have been waiting for, to rid themselves of this pure creature. Having captured her and given her a beverage to make her sleep, they tie her to the feet of an idol and perform a dance to invoke their darkest rituals. The idol awakens at the climax of the spell, having absorbed Lady Swan’s soul and then, with a rush, expands into the cold night air. Sinister howls resound in the darkness, completing the power of the ritual. The undead rise up in the fog and come to the place from all around, on the look-out for any living beings. The power of light, the October moon, reflected on the skin of such sinister creatures, possesses them and makes them do the most incredible things...