The Can Borni nursery was built for the International Exhibition of 1929 as an acclimatisation garden for plants from around the world.  The project was the work of Nicolau M Rubió i Tudur (1891-1981), architect, city planner and landscaper who, in designing the nursery, took inspiration from the style of gardens he most admired: Roman and Arab.

Its unique location at the foot of Tibidabo Amusement Park means it gets to enjoy a microclimate that helps plants and trees that require special conditions to acclimatise.

The current restoration project follows the original layout as far as possible. It has been designed so that visitors can walk between the original nursery platforms; the old dry-stone walls have been reconstructed as have the various fountains and water channels.

A charming and endearing place where you can enjoy a stroll surrounded by peace and nature.