Discover the current progress on the new funicular railway for Tibidabo

The Cuca de Llum has an innovative and advanced design to free up more space on board and increase its capacity to 252 passengers per journey. The new vehicles will be faster, cutting the journey time to 3 minutes, and offer users a better experience and entertainment. The new design also enables passengers to enjoy a panoramic view of the whole journey, with large windows and new educational content through screens and tablets located on board.


The interior of the funicular will be freed up to increase the available surface area and transformed into an open-plan space to ensure the best possible visual permeability inside. Both the interior and exterior lighting will also be improved, with exterior lighting taking on more importance and following a more modern and futuristic line, with an enhanced effect when it gets dark.

The Cuca de Lluma new educational leisure experience 


The Cuca de Llum will be Tibidabo’s main attraction, offering visitors their first contact with the mountain’s biodiversity. The large windows will offer a chance to enjoy the landscape and discover the natural environment, with its flora and fauna.


The Cuca de Llum will feature interactive videos and tablets offering new educational content about the mountain and the funicular railway. 

What are the new vehicles like? The Firefly in detail


  • Height above sea-level at the lower station: 221.6 m 
  • Height above sea-level at the upper station: 500.2 m 
  • Length: 1,090.6 m 
  • Elevation: 272.1 m 
  • Length according to gradient: 1,124.2 m 
  • Average gradient: 25% 
  • Track width: 1,400 mm 


Traction cable 

  • Type of cable: Warrington Seale compact 
  • Diameter of traction cable: 40 mm 



  • Power rating of main motor: 806 kW 
  • Diameter of drive sheave: 3,200 mm 
  • Power rating of auxiliary motor: 140 kW 
  • Operating speed with main motor: 10 m/s 
  • Operating speed with auxiliary motor: 1.2 m/s 



  • Vehicle weight when empty: 30 tonnes 
  • Total number of vehicles: 2 
  • Maximum capacity: 252 people 

What will the new Tibidabo Funicular Railway be like?


3D images of what the Cuca de Llum will be like.

What will the new vehicles be like? Discover how work is progressing!


Progress on the new vehicles.

Work on the funicular railway began with the removal of the old carriages, so the tracks and the overhead cables could be dismantled and the route prepared for the new carriages being built.


Various existing infrastructures along the route will also be affected by the work, including the bridge over the tracks and the two stations, which will be adapted to the Cuca de Llum's characteristics.


The various Tibibus services can be used to reach the park while work continues. Find out how to reach the park here.

La retirada dels vagons de l'antic Funicular


Time lapse of the upper station



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Time lapse of the lower station



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Time lapse of the track



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Placement on the track of the first Cuca de Llum car