At Tibidabo Amusement Park, we work to adapt our facilities, attractions and services for people with reduced mobility or functional diversity so that everybody can enjoy the Park under conditions of equal opportunities.


The accessibility initiatives that have already been implemented are:

Pre-visit dossier for people with functional diversity


In this space, you will find the Tibidabo Amusement Park guide with pictogram descriptors of the characteristics of the different attractions. Designed to provide a support for the families and educators of people with difficulties in understanding and users with alternative systems of communication prior to their visit to the Park.



Map of the Park with information about accessibility


In 2018, a new accessibility map was created, which consists of a map of the Park with the services, restaurants and all the attractions marked on it together with their characteristics such as: the duration, if it causes vertigo, if it is dark, if it goes fast, if it is adapted for wheelchair users, if it is scary, and so on.





This is one of the most iconic attractions (level 5) in Tibidabo Amusement Park, and some years ago one of its eight cars was adapted for wheelchair users, so people with reduced mobility can now enjoy this attraction under conditions of equal opportunities.



Tibidabo's great panoramic wheel (level 6) has a passenger car adapted for wheelchairs and a ramp to facilitate access to it. This way, everybody can enjoy the best views of Barcelona under conditions of equal opportunities.

Castell dels Contes (Fairy Tales Castle)


When the Castell dels Contes (Level 1) was revamped – an attraction that was opened at the end of 2018 access to it was also adapted for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility by means of an elevating platform and a lift that stops at all the Castle’s floors.



In our 4D cinema (level 4), there is a space in front of the first row of seats for prams and wheelchairs, so that the people in this space can enjoy the films while wearing 3D glasses. What’s more, the movement effects in the first row seats are deactivated so that pregnant women, people holding babies in their arms, elderly people and people with reduced mobility can also enjoy the film.

Museu d'Autòmats


The Museu d'Autòmats (Automata Museum) (level 5) has an elevating platform so that wheelchair users can go down to the automata area.

Hotel Krüeger


This haunted house (level 4) is adapted in a 80% for people with reduced mobility.  

Fonts Interactives


This free admission space (level 6) has some ramps that provide access for wheelchair users , enabling them to take part in the game because it is a levelled area and there is enough room for a wheelchair to fit in front of the mushroom that controls the movements of the water.



This educational ride (level 1), where children can learn about road safety education while they drive vehicles in a small intelligent city, has a car adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Indoor attractions

There are some indoor attractions which, due to the nature of their activity, have guaranteed access for prams and wheelchairs. These attractions are:

  • Miramiralls (level 5)
  • Edifici Cel (level 6)
  • Marionetarium (level 5)
  • Creatibi (level 5)
  • Creatibi Robotics (level 5)

Apart from the attractions adapted for wheelchairs. there are others with adapted entry and exit points (but without adapted cars, carriages and seats). These attractions are:


  • Tibidabo Express (level 1)
  • Piratta (level 1)
  • Viking (level 1)
  • Muntanya Russa (level 1)
  • Mina d'Or (level 1)
  • Interactibi (level 5)

Plaça del Jardí (Garden Square)


This square (level 6) was recently revamped and the whole of the Panoramic Area space was levelled out to guarantee everybody access to it. A large ramp was installed behind the ticket booths at the main entrance to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility to both the toilets next to the 'Airplane' and to the medical services should there be the need. What is more, there is now a large tiered area providing more space for people to sit down.



The Tibidabo Amusement Park has two lifts that go to every level of the Park.

Although anyone with a ticket to the Park can use this service, priority is given to:


  • Prams and wheelchairs
  • People with functional diversity
  • The elderly
  • Pregnant women

Sanitary Facilities adapted for wheelchair users


Tibidabo Park has toiletes adapted for wheelchair users, located in different areas of the enclosure:


  • Next to the Aeroplane ride (level)
  • Nexto to Creatibi by Lego ® Education (level 5)
  • At the entrance and exit of the lifts from the level 1
  • Next to the Mina d'Or ride, under the Tibicity ride (level 1)

Panel of Barcelona in Braille


The Vantage Point of Tibidabo’s Panoramic Area (level 6) has a panel of Barcelona on which the architectural elements and the most iconic spaces in the city are marked in Braille.

Automaton adapted for people with functional diversity


In 2017, a new automaton called 'Tretze-Dotze' [Thirteen-Twelve] was created in Tibidabo’s Automata Museum (level 5), which is adapted for people with functional diversity and particularly for blind people. It is an interactive automaton made of wood, and the arms and legs of the doll can be made to move by means of a handle that anybody can turn.