Special activities and collaborations


Educational Activity:
In 2009 the Amusement Park started an activity with one main objective:
To make the use of the installations of the Park as an educational tool for the youngest ones a fundamental objective of the Amusement Park at an affordable price,

The Tibidabo Amusement Park has installations that allow putting teaching across in a new dimension: experimenting and taking in information on the same ride. For this reason it is an innovative proposal that, from the educational point of view, offers new learning possibilities based on the enjoyment and, from the Tibidabo Amusement Park point of view, offers social and educational value in this location. Through experimentation with l’Avió (the plane) or the Talaia, among others, real information will be given about kinetics and potential energy, acceleration, the calculations of some mechanisms and other technological concepts.

The Science and Technology activities around Tibidabo are divided into three educational levels, adapting to the needs of the group:

  • First level: 2nd Cycle of Primary School.
  • Second level: Secondary school.
  • Third level: High School or Trainee Courses.

All the students go in groups with their teacher and are accompanied by the monitor-guide of the Park. They will go on a pre-arranged tour incuding going on the rides. They will take down information and make conclusions that will be written in a monitoring dossier given by the Park.

In 2013, a total of 2.997 people, more than 20 centres, enjoyed this benefit.

Collaborations and donations:
Year after year, different collaborations with schools, recreation centres, foundations, parents associations and workshops are realized so they can enjoy the Park or win prizes through contests, activities, etc.

Members of:
Iaapa Aepa Barcelona Turisme Agència Catalana de Turisme Catalunya Consell de CoordinaciĂł Pedagògica Barcelona Design for all

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