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Parc d'Atraccions Tibidabo, S.A. (PATSA) is owned 100% by the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council) and managed by the Grup Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, S.A. (B:SM).

The activity of PATSA involves the management of the Amusement Park, the Skywalk and the funicular as well as the hospitality centres within the Park.

Fundamental Objectives:

  • To preserve and improve the city’s heritage.
  • To be an open space for everybody all year, with a permanent attraction.
  • To integrate with the natural environment of the Park and being respectful to it.
  • To achieve a number of visitors/year of around 600.000.
  • To finance itself.
  • To excite with rides for all ages.
  • A park to offer attractions for a family public with something for all the ages.
  • To respect the past, value the present and advance to the future.
  • To be conveniently accessible by public transport.

1. Social support activities
To these objectives, above described, the Tibidabo Amusement Park is channelling its efforts to develop projects, being aware of social initiatives, support and carry on events, and supports low income collectives and respects the environment in which it is located.

Accordingly, the park has a social function based on 4 main points:
2.1. Fares
2.2. Events
2.3. Special activities and collaborations
2.4. Environment and Location

2.1. Fares
The Tibidabo Amusement Park gives discounts for a range of low income collectives and nonprofit organizations:

  • Special centres and/or social support centres: Economy entrance fees with an 80% discount on the regular price for children who live in children’s care centres, children with family problems, social cohesion centres, with no profitable objectives, and social education children (entrance fee: €5.60 – free admission for teachers).
    In 2013, a total of 10.065 people enjoyed this benefit.
  • Disabled people: People certified with at least a 33% degree of disability can enjoy the park with an 80% discount on the park entrance fee (€5.60 – and with free admission for disabled people’s companion*).
    *Please note that the disabled people’s companion benefit is very different at the European Amusement Parks where disabled people often only have a small discount and their companion must pay a regular fare.
    In 2013, a total of 16.637 people enjoyed this benefit.
  • People over 60 can also enjoy the park at a special price with access to all the rides:

    • Park admission: €10 (over a 60% discount on the normal admission price).
    • Park visiting: free admission.

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