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The events are the clearest social aspects of the park. The park promotes and organizes, alone or together with a third association or collective, social events with the aim to promote the purpose of these associations, as an event of integration or in favour of a cause. Park fares are reduced and in some events the park also collaborates with raising money for the entities that take part.


1. Estiu Sense Barreres (Summer without Barriers)

The Estiu Sense Barreres is an event in which the park invites everybody, but especially people who have psychological throughout all Catalan special education schools with the aim to enjoy our park with equal opportunities.

This day the park enjoys the collaboration of more than 80 volunteers from different associations, particularly Creu Roja

Patsa takes advantage of the Estiu sense Barreres celebration to present the steps forward achieved in the park facilities in the area of accessibility and mobility. In recent years the park has presented the following improvements:

Fundamental Objectives:

  • Updating Tibidabo website with AA.
  • Panoramic elevators to avoid the unevenness of the park land.
  • Mobile platforms adapted for the Automata Museum and the Tibidabo Funicular.
  • Changing the viewpoint access and the ride Magatzem de les Bruixes i els Bruixots in order to make them more accessible.
  • Hiring adapted buses to make the transport more accessible.
  • The recent installed rides such as Dididado, Edifici Cel (Cel Building), Marionetarium (show with puppets), Exhibition Room and Magic Mirrors are accessible and the Roller Coaster is also accessible.

PATSA is member of Design For All Foundation and PATSA has also been recognized on several occasions for its accessibility work.

In 2013, a total of 2.215 people, more than 80 centres, enjoyed this benefit.

2. CANÇÓ DE PAU (Peace Song Event)
The aim of this event is to promote education with values such as tolerance, solidarity and respect. For this reason, the Park opens its doors to children to offer a location where they can express their wishes for a world in peace. All the pairs, formed by an adult and a child, have free admission.

Every year Tibidabo invites children accompanied by an adult to take part in the Cançó de Pau, a charming event raising awareness of current social problems in relation to war.

Children express themselves writing messages in the giant Tibidabo PEACE notebook, where in recent years messages have been collected. The event is supported by Peace Ambassadors, people with media power who collect the peace statements and promise to spread them. Some of the peace ambassadors have been: Xavi Hernández (football player), Toni Elias (motorbike racer), Enric Massip (handball player), Dani Pedrosa (motorbike racer), Vador Lladó (radio announcer), Tomàs Molina (meteorologist), David Barrufet (handball player), Àlex Corretja (tennis player), amongst others.

3. UN COP DE MĂ€ (Lending Children a Hand Event)
The uncopdemĂ  event has developed out of social support activities that Tibidabo celebrates with the aim of publicizing all the tasks that Barcelona entities carry out, entities that help children in need and struggle with the aim that these children have an equal opportunity in society.

The uncopdemà event tries to raise Barcelona family awareness about these children’s social reality in an educational way and by making sure that people enjoy themselves too.

Tibidabo organizes this event together with the Real Dreams Foundation. This foundation has the aim of helping and collaborating with social support to nonprofit organizations and entities.

Real Dreams Foundation role is to organize and coordinate the Solidarity Event on behalf of the collaborative nonprofit entities.

The aim of the UncopdemĂ  event is to support Barcelona nonprofit entities that help children in need.

By purchasing solidarity gloves you can take part raising money for the participating nonprofit entities. These gloves allow children up 14 years old free admission and older people can get a discount when they purchase a park admission at the ticket office.

The wish is that every year different entities can take part in this event to give the opportunity to all the children’s organizations to announce themselves at this event. For this reason there is a commission to decide which entities will take part in the event every year according to their proposals.

The entities only must fulfil two requirements:

  • Working to offer the same opportunities to all children.
  • Be Catalan, although their action scope can be located outside of our community.



4. AACIC (Catalan Association that helps children with heart disease)
The AAIC organizes a Great Event supporting children with heart disease at Tibidabo Amusement Park. The Park collaborates with the association.

AACIC’s objective is to explain the situation of children suffering heart disease and their families when surgery to the heart is required.

The Tibidabo Amusement Park collaborates raising money for AACIC through selling a neckerchief. This neckerchief allows children free admission and older people can get discount (neckerchief price) when they purchase park admission at the ticket office.

5. UN DIA DE NASSOS (Clown nose day Event)
It is a solidarity event organized by Pallapupas with the aim to raise awareness as well as money to be able to expand its work at the Catalan hospitals. Un dia de nassos is celebrated at different locations in Catalonia.

Pallapupas is a nonprofit association which works at hospitals and public health centres to improve children’s and young and elderly people’s quality of life by being with them during their painful medical treatment in order to support and encourage them.

During this event clown noses are sold and if they are shown at the ticket office children up to 12 years old have free admission and older people have a discount of 50%.

6. FANOC (Catalan Large Family Association)
FANOC is an event organized by FANOC with Tibidabo Amusement Park collaboration where all the people who have the large family certificate issued by Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan government) can purchase the park admissions with a discount.

Tibidabo Amusement Park has been awarded by this association because the Tibiclub Familiar (annual familiar pass) has no limits on children.

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