Environment and Location


Patsa signed the Agenda 21 commitment with the following objectives and plans of action:

1. Lowering water consumption

  • Brief description:

    • To optimize water consumption in the irrigation of garden areas within the Park through the establishment of dripping irrigation.

  • Objectives and action referent lines (Citizen’s Commitment to the sustainability):

    • To reduce water consumption and increase efficiency in its use.

  • Objectives:

    • To establish dripping irrigation in the garden areas in the Park. The replacement of the current irrigation system by sprinklers will become a reality as each different Park area is renovated. At present there are 5 automatic irrigation systems and they will be changed gradually.

  • Expected benefits:

    • Lower water consumption (saving natural resources).

2. Accessibility and Mobility to get to Tibidabo

  • Brief description:

    • To promote public transport as the means of transport to get to Tibidabo.
    • To use ecologically efficient vehicles for internal uses.
    • To continue adapting the installations to make easier mobility through the Park for disabled people.

  • Objectives:

    • To promote public transport to get to Tibidabo: offering admissions combined with public transport tickets, funicular renovation to increase capacity, promoting other means of public transport such as the Sant GenĂ­s car park, located on the Ronda de Dalt ring road in front of the hospital complex of Vall d’Hebron with a free and direct shuttle bus service to Tibidabo and/or Tibibus, a direct bus from Plaça Catalunya (Catalonia Square in the city centre) to the Park.
    • To remove vehicle traffic for internal use when the Park is open.
    • To gradually replace vehicles for internal use by workers and Park maintenance for more ecological ones (biodiesel engine).
    • To improve the Park internal mobility for disabled people. To adapt rides and park installations.

  • Expected benefits:

    • Improvement to the Amusement Park’s accessibility and mobility removing physical barriers to permit disabled people to use the Park.
    • To reduce Tibidabo’s environmental impact, removing major traffic build up and improving the coexistence of location and its sustainability.

3. Green office management

  • Brief description:

    • To gradually increase the use of recycled paper reducing the use of white paper.
    • To reuse and recycle ink and toner cartridges.

  • Objectives:

    • To collect ink and toner cartridges, refill them and reuse them. If the cartridge is not reused, it will be recycled.
    • Selective paper, plastic and battery collection.

  • Expected benefit:

    • To increase the recycling in our installations, entailing lower environment impact at the paper product’s origin.

4. Green Team

  • Brief description:

    • To research and improve the environmental and location aspects of the Park.

  • Objectives:

    • To advise the park staff and visitors of the importance of little gestures for the improvement of the environment.

  • Expected Benefits:

    • To improve mobility and create a friendly environment.
    • To preserve natural resources and promote the use the renewable resources.
    • To reduce the production of waste and encourage the reuse and recycling.
    • To increase social cohesion, making the mechanisms of equality and participation stronger.

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