Policy on Quality and the Environment

Who we are: Mission and values

The Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo, SA (PATSA) is a company of the Barcelona City Council that manages the fun fair and park located at the peak of Tibidabo, an iconic space with a primarily family offering.

Our mission is to ensure that everybody at Tibidabo feels happy.

Our values that are always with us to achieve our mission are: safety, commitment, solidarity, excitement, and passion for people.

At PATSA, we guarantee compliance with legislation in force, and take strides to guarantee compliance with all legal requirements on the environment, as well as those that are established as voluntary and in the environmental action plan.

Commitment to clients:

  • Excite and move them with our rides, shows and activities for all ages, with a dynamic offering that is always being modernised.
  • Make a series of resources available to clients that contribute to good two-way communications.
  • Value their contributions, studying their viability, in a framework of active listening, responding quickly and efficiently to all of them.
  • Guarantee that they will be treated with friendliness, respect and efficacy.

Commitment to our employees:

  • Give continuous and suitable training to our employees, maximising their skills and abilities, in order to guarantee their professional development within the company.
  • Develop our lines of business, always ensuring the health and safety of all our employees.
  • Assure a working ambience based on respect, and keep two-way and efficient communication channels available, which ensure their easy access and reliability of information.
  • Let our employees take part in park management, through active listening and participative projects, such as B:SM CREA.

Commitment to the facilities:

  • Offer safe facilities that are in perfect condition, clean and have a good image.
  • Work to keep adapting the facilities so that they are accessible to everybody.
  • Maintain the park’s current heritage, respecting the past, valuing the present and moving towards the future.

Commitment to the environment:

  • Conduct social actions aimed at vulnerable groups, either due to their physical, mental or social conditions.
  • Foster the Park’s educational values, and convey knowledge through our offering of rides, educational activities and any other educational activities that may be developed.
  • Manage natural resources, waste and mobility for accessing the Park under efficiency and sustainability criteria.
  • Manage our resources efficiently in order to achieve maximum profit.
  • Act to improve integration with the surrounding natural Collserola Park.
  • Foster and propagate an environmental culture, involving all the stakeholders.

PATSA management will review this quality and environment policy on an annual basis, with the purpose of constantly improving the management system implemented, and committed to providing the resources required for its development.


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