Park Rules

To reasons of security and so that everyone can enjoy the rides and the site in safety, entrance to Tibidabo Park is dependent on the acceptance and observation of the following rules of use of the facilities:


The Amusement Park reserves the right to refuse admission to those clients who do not observe the rules or who carry out acts of violence, vandalism or harass other clients.

Dogs and other pets will not be allowed entrance to the Park, except guide dogs (Law 3, art. 1.3, chapter 3).

Bicycles will not be allowed into the Park, nor will people wearing swimming costumes or bare-chested. Rides cannot be accessed in the latter two cases either.

It is essential to carry your entrance ticket at all times while in the Park.

Cash refund cannot be given anywhere other than the ticket offices or the cafés. For this reason, always check your entrance ticket, change and products when you purchase them.

Bracelets are personal and are not transferable, and must be worn on the wrist. Access to rides and shows will be denied to all those not wearing their bracelets.

The Amusement Park and its employees are not responsible for clients' personal belongings, nor for lost or stolen items.

The Park reserves the right to refuse admission to those people who have acquired their admission, bracelet or ticket through fraudulent means.

Messages transmitted by the Park´s general PA system are strictly of an organizational, technical or urgent nature.

Photographs and videos taken in the Park with fixed mechanism for commercial use requiere previous consent from Tibidabo Amusement Park. Those who have not obtained consent may not take photographs or make videos.

It is totally prohibited to cook, throw fireworks, throw fireworks or any type of fire.

To avail of the disabled person's ticket price, it is necessary to present a certificate of disability showing a minimum 33 degrees of disability or the disable person's registration card.

It is totally prohibited to smoke in the Park, except in the smoking areas indicated by signals on the Park map.

Park services can be closed, cancelled or experience alterations to their timetables in the event of maintenance, technical work, adverse weather conditions or special events.

Site access and/or using Park services is contingent on observing the aforementioned rules and the instructions defined at the access of every Park service.

Rides and Shows

For safety reasons, enjoying rides and shows has a height restrictions that limit the use of rides to people who do not carry out. These restrictions are displayed at the rides entrance and on the Park maps.

In the case of a young person between 90 and 1.2m tall wishing to access one of the rides where this is permitted when accompanied by an adult, the accompanying adult must be in possession of a valid bracelet or ticket for that ride.

Food and drink

It is prohibited to use the Park Cafés tables to eat and drink products purchased from outside. Food and drink purchased outside the Park may only be consumed in the picnic areas indicated by signals.

Bringing in glass items or other dangerous materials and objects is totally prohibited.


The Park is not responsible for the loss or theft of belongings left inside vehicles, or for the repair of damage to cars from impact with any part of the Park´s installations or with other vehicles.

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