Social responsibility - one of our core themes

Cançó de Pau

At Tibidabo Amusement Park we strive to run social responsibility projects and initiatives, support disadvantaged groups and respect the environment that we live in.


Our social responsibility activities are focused around our commitment to children, as well as helping with the inclusion of certain vulnerable groups by offering reduced rates.

For over 15 years, we’ve steadily increased our involvement and collaboration with different bodies, and organising charity parties that help to raise funds and promote their work.


Our social responsibility projects fall under three areas:

  • Benefits for special or vulnerable groups
  • Charity days in collaboration with various organisations
  • Collaboration agreement with UNICEF


  • Special centres and/or social action:


We offer rates reduced by 80% off our list prices for students in shelters, students from families in situations of conflicts, social cohesion centres, non-profit centres and special education students.  The entrance fee in these cases is €5.60; accompanying teaching staff come in for free.

In 2016 a total of 15,152 people enjoyed this benefit.


  • People with disability:


People who have documentation showing a degree of disability greater than 33% are entitled to an 80% discount off the Park’s list prices. In this case, the entrance fee is €5.60. They can also bring a companion into the Amusement Park at no charge.

Bringing in a companion free of charge is a leading benefit among Europe’s Amusement Parks, where disabled people are entitled to low discounts and the companion has to pay the full rate.

In 2016 a total of 13,856 people enjoyed this benefit.


  • People aged over 60:


People aged 60 and over may come into the Amusement Park free of charge if they want to walk around the Park without using the attractions. If they wish to use the attractions and shows, they can buy an entrance ticket at a special price of €9, which represents a discount of over 60% off the general entrance ticket price.

Among the various cause-related and charitable festivals we hold, we highlight the following:


  • Summer without Obstacles


This is the Amusement Park’s classic cause-related event, having started back in 1995. On one day every year, we invite in special education schools, organisations and associations in Catalonia that serve people with mental and physical problems. The aim is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the rides and attractions on equal terms, making them accessible where necessary. Throughout the day, we take the opportunity to explain the progress we are making on the different rides and attractions with regard to accessibility and mobility.


  • Song of Peace


This started in 1996 with the aim of driving education in regard to values such as tolerance, solidarity and respect. During the Christmas holidays, our doors are opened to boys and girls so that they can express their desire for peace through a song. During the event, the children also reflect on their concerns about social problems and war conflicts in Tibidabo Amusement Park’s giant “Book of Peace”.


  • AACIC (Congenital Heart Disease Association) Festival


Since 2007, the Park has supported those affected by congenital heart disease and their families, in collaboration with CorAvant. This organisation works to improve the quality of life of people suffering from this disease.


  • Festival of Large Families of Catalonia


Large families have their own special day at Tibidabo, when they are offered special entry prices upon presentation of their large family document or FANOC licence at the Park entrances.


  • Uncopdemà


This charity event that has been organised by the Real Dreams Foundation since 2010. It aims to support organisations that work in Barcelona to help boys and girls who are at risk in society. This is an event that has enabled fundraising for organisations such as the Children’s House, the Success Foundation, Gypsy Secretariat Foundation and Save the Children.


  • Red Nose Day


Fundraising event on behalf of Pallapupas, a non-profit support organisation made up of professional actors and actresses. Its aim is to improve the physical and emotional state of children and elderly people who are in hospital, as well as those with mental illness, through the use of theatre and humour.  


  • Grandparents’ Festival


A very special day designed for all visitors who identify themselves at the Park ticket offices as a grandparent. Their grandson or granddaughter gets free entry to spend the day with the family, having fun on all the attractions and shows.


  • Daydream Festival


Charity event in 2015, organised together with the Daydream Foundation, with the aim of enabling children who live in shelters and residential homes to enjoy the Park's shows and attractions on equal terms. The event aimed to promote collaboration between volunteers and children and raise awareness and encourage young people on the potential of volunteering.


  • Tibidabo Festival for Nepal


In 2015, following the earthquake that rocked Nepal, leaving 10,000 dead and thousands homeless, the Consulate General of Nepal in Barcelona promoted this event in order to raise funds for the various NGOs operating on the ground. During the event, a range of organisations ran activities representing the culture, spirituality and tradition of Nepal.


  • Ramon Martí Bonet Foundation Charity Event


In 2016 Tibidabo’s programme of events and activities included, for the first time, the Ramon Martí Bonet Foundation Charity Event. The Foundation provides eye surgery and treatment for people at risk of social exclusion in Catalonia. As part of this, spectacles were distributed to attendees under a #visiónparatodos (vision for all) campaign and free eyesight tests were given by volunteer opticians.


In 2012 UNICEF and Tibidabo Amusement Park signed a cooperation agreement to work together to protect and develop children globally, along with their rights.


As part of this partnership, Tibidabo Amusement Park donates 0.4% of its revenue from entrance fees. It also uses its database to notify contacts of emergency situations and annual campaigns run by UNICEF Foundation. The Amusement Park has also fitted out the UNICEF area on level 5 to host exhibitions regarding real children’s situations in order to help raise awareness among visitors.


For its part, UNICEF allocates funds to cooperation programmes such as Child Friendly Schools for Africa - the international campaign that the agency implements in conjunction with the Nelson Mandela Foundation with the aim of accelerating access to basic qualified education in some African countries.


In collaboration with UNICEF a number of events have taken place - for example, the commemorative event to mark the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was held in November 2014. In addition, UNICEF has taken part in several editions of the Song of Peace festival.