Advantages for Club members

Everything's an advantage with Tibiclub. Now you can...

  • Come and enjoy the various attractions of the Park for a whole year, any time the Park is open

  • Access the rides of the Sky Walk (Cam√≠ del Cel) (Giradabo, Talaia, Carrousel, Plane, Museum of Automatons, Cel Building and three attractions for children Les Llaunes, Pony Rodeo and R√≠o Grande), open every day of the year except from the 6th to the 31st January, the weekdays of February and the 25th and the 26th December. More information

  • Free parking in the parking Tibidabo-Vall d'Hebron, located in front of the hospital complex Vall d'Hebron, you can pick up the entrances at the box office (located in the parking lot) and take the direct bus to the Park. 

  • Go up to the Park with the Tibibus, a bus service that departs from Pla√ßa Catalunya. You just have to show the driver your pass.

  • Go up and down for free with the Funicular of Tibidabo showing the pass at the box office. New box offices in the inferior station of the Funicular! (Pla√ßa Doctor Andreu, s/n).

  • Gain access the Park directly through Tibiclub's exclusive box office and get in through the parking lot or the main entrance.

  • Get a 15% discount on any purchases made in the Tibishop (Tibibotiga), located at the Park's main entrance, get discounts when letting us host your birthday party (up to 12 years old) or get a 15% discount at all the restoration centres.

  • Keep up to date with the latest news to the Park.

  • Get 6 tickets at a 30% discount for family members or fiends, for one year.

In addition...

Get all sorts of discounts at different amusement centres around the province and country by showing your up to date pass:

- Tibiclub Individual: 35% discount on the adult daily ticket at PortAventura Park and applicable to 3 more people. 

- Tibiclub Familiar: 35% de discount on the adult daily ticket at PortAventura Park applicable only to the Tibiclub members. 

- Visit access + 2 free rides

- 2x1 in the purchase of the "Superdiversi√≥n" ticket for people over or under 110 cm 



It is essential to show the Tibiclub pass to enjoy the different discounts described above. Promotions, discounts and benefits are subject to changes by the Company.

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