Festa del Cor

Tibidabo Amusement Park will be offering 6900 entry tickets to children with special needs this summer



Supporting causes is one of Tibidabo’s four pillars, and we are building on this through this activity.

New this year, Barcelona City Council will be awarding 100 places per day so that children with special needs from homes and community centres can visit the Amusement Park during the school holidays.



Tibidabo Amusement Park celebrates its 115 years of history with the challenge of presenting a very important aspect: its social responsibility initiatives.  This season, our aim is to strengthen the Park’s cause-related work with an innovative initiative aimed at children with special needs from the city’s community centres, and enabling them to visit the Park free of charge, with up to 100 free tickets given away per day.

From the end of the school year on 22 June through to 10 September 2017, Barcelona City Council will - via its Business, Innovation and Culture department, which oversees B:SM and the department for Children within the Social Rights division and in conjunction with Tibidabo Amusement Park - offer grants for children from special needs centres. Over the 69 days that the Park is open during the summer, these organisations will be given up to 100 entrance tickets  per day at no cost. This means 6900 places will be offered free of charge during the summer season, at an equivalent cost of €196,650.



This initiative more or less equals the €208,932 contribution made by Tibidabo on similar activities in 2016.



The socially responsible park



The Park’s strategic plan states that social responsibility is one of its four core themes, along with experiences, sustainability and education. It has thus reaffirmed its commitment to implementing social responsibility projects and initiatives, and will continue giving priority to these.

Tibidabo has allocated €1.8m to social responsibility initiatives over the past 10 years and has worked with 547 social organisations.

This year, we’ve put together a social responsibility programme with 11 events, including repeating some of the most popular ones from the past:



  • A Summer Without Obstacles - since 1995, the Park has invited in special education schools, organisations and associations working in Catalonia to serve people with mental and physical problems. The aim is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the rides and attractions on equal terms, making them accessible where necessary. Throughout the event, we take the opportunity to explain the progress we are making on the different rides and attractions with regard to accessibility and mobility. 25,468 visitors have come in as a result of this event, and a total of 513 organisations.


  • Red Nose Day - fundraising event on behalf of Pallapupas - a non-profit support organisation made up of professional actors and actresses. Its aim is to improve the physical and emotional state of children and elderly people who are in hospital, as well as those with mental illness, through the use of theatre and humour. Since 2010, a total of 49,581 people have had fun wearing a red nose and benefiting from special reduced rates. In total, Pallapupas has helped 35,000 beneficiaries.