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Acts and events that are social, cultural and sport related

On this page, you will find full information about the different activities so you can plan your visit to the Park:

Casteller Day (Human Towers)

Come up to the Park to celebrate Casteller Day with us and experience the sheer magic of this Catalan tradition based on teamwork and trust 500 metres above sea level in an unbeatable setting, the Plaça Somnis (Square of Dreams) at Tibidabo. You’ll gasp and shiver as you watch the guest casteller teams from across Catalonia as they clamber up to the heavens on their colleagues’ shoulders to form their human towers. 

UncopdemĂ  Festival

Everyone join us in solidarity! With the Uncopdemà Festival, organised jointly with the Real Dreams Foundation and the Barcelona City Council, and its exceptional ambassadors including Lionel Messi and Carles Puyol, you’ll learn firsthand about the work being done by different NGOs, with different organisations featured each year. The NGOs that have been presented in the past include La Roda, Soñar Despierto, UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, the Catalan Fragile X Syndrome Association and the Carles Blanch Foundation.

If you come up to the Park this day, you will have the chance to lend a hand to these non-profit organisations by buying their products for charity, as well as having a great time on all the rides and watching the performances. There are also special activities organised and live entertainment, a parade to the beats of batucada and workshops put on by the different participating NGOs. Buy your product for charity and enjoy special rates for the Park!

FANOC Festival

Do you belong to the numerous-children family group? If you do, then this is your day to come and enjoy Tibidabo! During the day of this festival, if you show your large family or FANOC card, you will enjoy special rates for entering the Park. 

Barcelona City Concert

Would you like to spend a magnificent afternoon of concerts while gazing out at spectacular views of the city of Barcelona? Then the Simfonic Festival is your best bet for a great time, where the entire city of Barcelona gets decked out and becomes a city of concerts. Students from all the city’s music schools make their voices and instruments heard at different venues in Barcelona and... the Plaça Somnis (Square of Dreams) in Tibidabo is one of these locations. 

Summer without Obstacles

This long-standing charity event at Tibidabo consists of an extremely special day during which the Park invites everyone with physical or mental disabilities from all the special education schools and associations in Catalonia to enjoy the facilities in complete equal opportunity, lending a hand if it should be needed. On this day, the Park has over 80 volunteers from different associations, where the Red Cross and Voluntaris 2000 merit a special mention. The Park also takes advantage of this special day of solidarity to present the advances made at the facilities related to accessibility and mobility. 

Sardana Day

Come up to the highest peak in Barcelona to enjoy Sardana Day with performances by different guest sardana groups who will show off their art in this traditional Catalan dance that celebrates the relationship between individuals and group in the Plaça Somnis (Square of Dreams). 

Tibidabo Magic

The summer season at Tibidabo kicks off with the Tibidabo Magic programme. We encourage you to come up to the Park with the whole family on weekends in July to enter into this world of magic, fantasy, conjuring, comedic magic, juggling, appearances and disappearances.... 


The One Day of Clown Noses Festival, organised jointly with the NGO Pallapupas Pallassos d’Hospital, lets us all show our solidarity once again! During this fabulous day, you will learn firsthand about the work done by this NGO so that the time that both young and old spend in hospitals and undergoing medical treatments is also a time filled with smiles. The day will also let them raise funds to continue with their beneficial work related to the world of social theatre to make tough situations a little more light-hearted.

If you come up to the Park this day, you will help out the NGO Pallapupas by purchasing its products for charity, as well as having a great time on all the rides and performances, as well as a wide range of different activities they have created just for this special day. Buy your product for charity and enjoy special rates on Park tickets!

Kacu Mensi Theatre Festival

The world of the performing arts arrives especially for the littlest members of the family, with the Kacu Mensi Performance Festival, a cultural day replete with numerous activities related to the theatre. Have a great time doing theatre with all the activities taking place along the Sky Walk at Tibidabo. This day of theatre will finish with a family hot chocolate. 

Puppet Show

On weekends during October come up to the Marionetarium and enjoy the Puppet Show, performances for the whole family created by different puppet troupes. You will also learn ways to create and put on your own highly entertaining puppet theatre.

Come up to the Park, buy your ticket and enjoy all our normal rides and performances, as well as a great variety of puppet shows, all included in the ticket price. If you love puppets and you want to see the shows, you can also just buy a ticket at the ticket booths for the show you want to see or a multiple show pass to see one performance by each company. 

AACIC Festival

We can all help AACIC (Association for those Affected by Congenital Heart Disease in Children) 

If you come up to the Park this day, you will help out this association by purchasing its products for charity, as well as having a great time on all the rides and performances and participating in the different activities they offer. Buy your product for charity and enjoy special rates for the Park!

Civil Behaviour Festival

Let’s make a more civil society together! The Civil Behaviour Festival, an extremely special day dedicated to encouraging true neighbourly behaviour, offers you the chance to enjoy the different activities all over the Park related to performing civil actions, as well as having the chance to see an exhibition of police vehicles, participating in a demonstration of the work done by seeing eye dogs and seeing a horse show. 

UNICEF Festival

Learn about and collaborate in the different sectors in which UNICEF works in favour of social actions aimed at raising awareness about children’s rights, their promotion and protection, as we celebrate the alliance that has linked UNICEF and Tibidabo since 2012. Like every year, we invite you to come up to the Park and participate in this great UNICEF festival. Examples are the Fiesta of Dorlys (2013) and the fiesta held for the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (2014). 

Grandparents’ Festival

Are you a grandma or grandpa who would like to spend a very special day with your grandkids at Tibidabo? Now you can do it for the celebration of the Grandparents’ Festival, a day where all grandparent-grandchild visitors who come to the Park can enjoy special rates on Park tickets to spend a day having a great time enjoying all the rides and performances. 

Song of Peace

Come up to the Park and participate in this fun and long-standing traditional day, the Song of Peace, during which young and old, along with the Peace Ambassadors, can sing to promote peace, while also supporting UNICEF’s work to protect children. 

Come up to the Park with adult and child, sing and sign for peace, and you’ll get into Tibidabo free!

If you like sport, you can also take part in different races that the Tibidabo Amusement Park welcomes during the season each year as the perfect venue for finishing races. You can also opt to do part of one of the races, including the Barcelona Magic Line, the Uphill, the Midnight Trail and the Friendship Race. 

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