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The recently opened panoramic big wheel, located at the very summit of the mountain, lets us ascend to the clouds and take in incredible views of the city of Barcelona.

Height: + 130 cm
Companion: 95 - 130 cm

Edifici Cel

This building is located on Tibidabo's Sky Walk. And this is where you can see the documentary called "100 years fly by". The documentary lasts 10 minutes and tells the fascinating story of Tibidabo's historical link with Barcelona over the last 100 years.

Height: + 90 cm
Companion: 0 - 90 cm

Pony Rodeo

This is perfect for young kids who want to try out a Pony Rodeo in the American Wild West. Basically, a fun monorail train ride that they'll love!!

Height: 100 - 140 cm
Companion: 0 - 100 cm

Río Grande

Whether you're young or old, you're going to love this train that takes you around the park. Have fun!

Height: + 90 cm
Companion: 0 - 90 cm


This emblematic ride, opened in 1921, will give you breath-taking views of Barcelona from a height of 550 metres (1500 feet) above sea level.

Height: +120 cm
Companion: 80-120cm

Les Llaunes

Spin round and round, and whether it's on your own or with family and friends you're going to really enjoy it!

Height: +90 cm
Companion: 0-90 cm


The Carrousel takes kids on a trip to the land of fairies and make-believe on this classic ride.

Height: + 90 cm
Companion: 0 - 90 cm


Ride out of service

Young and old alike will delight in Tibidabo's most emblematic ride and history's first flight simulator. Powered by its own propeller it has been flying since 1928 on a flight that will stir your imagination.

Height: +120 cm
Companion: 0 - 120 cm

Places to eat

Enrique Tom√°s    
The best Spanish cured ham from Enrique Tom√°s! Now you can eat the best Spanish cured ham, sandwiches and tapas all the while enjoying the most spectacular views that Tibidabo has to offer. An unbeatable combination!

For lovers of Mediterranean cuisine! Specialized in Mediterranean cooking, this restaurant offers you a wide selection of healthy, balanced and delicious dishes. Consult the set menu of the day as well. Products suitable for celiac sufferers.

La Masia Restaurant    
A la carte restaurant

Do you fancy an ice cream? This is where you'll find a wide choice of flavours!

Order a sandwich and wash it down with a drink of your choice!

Barba Papa    
This is where you can enjoy the best popcorn and those classic amusement park tofee apples and candy floss.

Now you can savour authentic Spanish churros at the Xurreria located next to Talaia.


The Smokers' area   
We have provided an area for smokers beside the entrance. We would like to remind visitors that smoking is prohibited in the ride queues, on the rides and in the restaurants and eating areas.

In the Tibotiga visitors can find products to take home as souvenirs such as: caps, T-shirts, bags and even cuddly toys.
Baby changing facilities   
Located in the toilets beside the Avió ride.
Suggestion box   
If you would like to leave written feedback based on your visit to the Park, you will find a suggestions' box at the main entrance to the Park. We promise to get a reply to you in 15 working days.
Medical Service   
Located right next to the Avió ride and next to the Public toilets on this level.
Public toilets   
To be found next to the Avió ride.
Located next to Talaia ride.

Picnic Area   
You will find the picnic area beside the Sky Building ride and it has aproximately a capacity of 300 people.

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