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A simulator that intertwines technology with users’ skills and cleverness. This game is a unique experience that is full of adventures, with avant-garde 3D graphics and visual effects for users, while they interact with a virtual game, with the aim of trying to get the highest score.

Height: + 110 cm


Rediscover Tibidabo's famous hall of mirrors located beside the Automatons Museum. Now with new great effects with kaleidoscopes, etc., which make up 13 scenes that will surprise and entertain you.

Height: + 90 cm
Companion: 0 - 90 cm

Museu d'Autòmats

More than 40 pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries. A real find and included on the official list of Barcelona's museums.

Height: + 90 cm
Companion: 0 - 90 cm


Thanks to an overhead carriage, you can visit the world of witches and wizards on a journey that is full of surprises: sudden noises, strong smells, dazzling lights and much much more!

Height: +120 cm
Companion: 100 - 120 cm


Ending Show




The Marionetarium is an intimate and cozy theater where you can enjoy different puppet shows scheduled in the park throughout the season. You can also visit an exhibition of unique puppets with a high historical value.

Places to eat

Have a coffee and a sandwich and a drink of your choice. And this year there's a TV so you can keep up to date with what's going on.


Public toilets
Located next to the lifts.

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