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Tchu Tchu Tren

With the Choo-Choo Train, small children can delight to a fun-filled ride through a beautiful wooded area with a number of eye-catching attractions.

Height: +105 cm
Companion: 0-105 cm


The Drakars Vikings are there to give the whole family a spin. Let yourself go on the waves and soak up the speed! Yeaaah!!!!

Height: +120 cm
Companion: 0-120 cm

La Granota

A free fall ride for the youngest kids.

Height: +105 cm

Tibidabo Express

Ride the Tibidabo Express, a train that departs from a station in the Wild West. You'll experience speed and excitement, following a tree-lined route with breath-taking views of the city.

Height: + 120 cm
Companion: 100-120 cm

Els Globus

The Globus is a family ride designed for the enjoyment of children and parents alike. Baskets carry passengers in a circular movement around the central hinge that holds them in the air. The baskets will rise and fall as they go round creating a wave motion. The colours and childlike appearance of this ride make it one of the most popular and striking rides in the park for children.

Height: +90 cm
Companion: 0-90 cm


How about a cruise on a pirate ship? Once you board it you'll feel the sway of the sea, following a course of almost 180¬ļ.

Height: +120 cm
Companion: 100-120 cm

Muntanya Russa

A head-spinning ride with panoramic views of the city of Barcelona. Rush up and down with your family and feel your senses come alive!

Height: +130 cm
Companion: 120-130 cm

La Mina d'Or

Height: +130 cm
Companion: 110-130 cm


Experience the feeling of spinning 360¬ļ. This is pure speed and excitement.

Height: +140cm / -195 cm

Castell Misteriós

Ride out of service

Thrill to a fast-moving ride full of audio and mechanical effects in the Mystery Castle. You'll feel like a medieval knight, going up drawbridges and towers, in an enchanted setting full of surprises.

Height: +120 cm
Companion: 0-120 cm

Places to eat

An ice-cream parlour with a wide range of flavours to enjoy.
Ice-creams with a wide range of flavours that'll help you enjoy the  Park even more.
Bar Piratta    
Hot dogs and sandwiches for every taste! This place offers you a wide variety of crunchy sandwiches, Frankfurt-style sausages and all kinds of extras so that you can create your own tasty combinations.
Bar de l'Estaci√≥    
Top quality hamburgers! An irresistible choice right in the center of the Park! Hamburgers made with first-quality meat paired with fresh-made salad, chips or nuggets.
Taverna del Castell TELEPIZZA   
Enjoy the Park's friendliest and cosiest area, and savour our appetising pizza and pasta.


Left luggage lockers   
With a money back system, they are located beside Hurakan or Mina d'Or.

The Smokers’ area
We have provided an area for smokers beside the entrance. We would like to remind visitors that smoking is prohibited in the ride queues, on the rides and in the restaurants and eating areas.

Suggestion box
If you would like to leave written feedback based on your visit to the Park, you will find two suggestion boxes on this level. One is beside the Hurakan and the other, beside the Rollercoaster. We promise to get you a reply in 15 working days.
Souvenir Photo
You can take away a souvenir photo on this Level from beside the Mina d'Or and the Muntanya Russa at the following prices:

  • Photograph: ‚ā¨5.10
  • Photograph by email: ‚ā¨3
  • Photograph & Photograph by email: ‚ā¨7.10

Left-luggage office    
With a money-back system, they are located next to the Hurakan and Mina d'Or rides.

Public toilets 
Located next to the Hurakan ride and next to Piratta restaurant.

Located next to Hurakan ride.

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