A decade races by
In 1970, the Park was expanded again with new terracing which made way for the Indianapolis go-kart track and many years later the Miranda restaurant. Other rides also started to appear such as the Horse Ride, the Glass House, the Tralla, the Mini-Motorway and a Scalextric set.  And to help with the parking problems, a new car park was built in 1978 to hold up to 500 cars. Also, Blue Tram number 4 was adapted and located at the entrance to the park to house the souvenir shop. And the Park finally got a mascot; a lovely witch called "Pirula" who made the laughs of the children in the old Barcelona.


Continuous innovation
This decade became known for the modernization of the facilities and continuous improvements. And a large number of new rides were set up in the Park of Barcelona including a Superslide and its "Trans-Mobile" drag lift, 180Âş Cinema, a new Big Wheel called the "Panoramic", the Super bumper boats, Tibi-Trains, trampolines, Billagolf, Setidabo, the Space Ship, Twister, MotoSchoppers, etc. There were also exciting events such as Acrobatic Shows, the opening of the Automaton Museum and a great poisonous snake exhibition. Also, in 1986 the Park was fenced in and an entrance fee was charged at the gate for the first time. Then, in 1988 a great revamp to the Park began when the businessman, Javier de la Rosa, bought the Park and set up a holding company called the Grand Tibidabo. A year later a general overhaul of the Park took place with some rides disappearing and new ones being added. So, in 1989 a new Tibidabo called "The Magic Mountain" was opened with new rides such as The Diavolo, The Piratta, Aladin's Magic Carpet and the 2-tier Merry-go-round as the star attractions.


Bringing smiles to faces for 100 years
The Park also improved its restaurant facilities and continued to increase the number of rides, with the addition of the Tibidabo Express, Alaska, The Mystery Castle, Aeromagic, The Boats, The Hurricane; The Gold Mine, etc, and features such as the Puppet Hall, the Scary walk (now called KrĂĽeger Hotel); and annual festivals such as "A summer without frontiers"; "The song of peace"; etc. And two new mascots appeared: Tibi and Dabo. Despite all this, at the end of the 90s the company was suffering from a long financial and management crisis which put the future of the Park of Barcelona in danger, and even meant that it stayed closed during certain times of the year. The company finally went bankrupt in 1999, which ironically marked the centenary of the opening of the Park.

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