Education, one of the Park's core strategic themes

Compromís educatiu

Barcelona’s 100+ year-old Amusement Park has, from the outset, been focused on innovation and education.  Right back to the Park’s very first attractions - such as the Avió airplane ride and the Aerial Railway - they were designed with the aim of explaining to citizens the technological revolutions of the time.


Respecting the past, appreciating the present and moving towards the future, education is firmly established as one of the Park’s four strategic areas, along with social responsibility, sustainability and experiences.


As part of providing added value to visitors, the intention is for the Park to be remembered, from generation to generation, not only as a place where there are rides and entertainment but also as a place for gaining knowledge.  Thus, when designing new attractions, the Park incorporates a spirit of education and specific educational programmes.


In 2008 new impetus was given to the Park as an educational tool - a place that, apart from being a place of fun and a great symbol of Barcelona, is also a source of knowledge and an opportunity for students to look, learn and reinforce the knowledge learned in the classroom. Thus, during academic year 2008-09 under Lluís Ribas - the teacher responsible for the upkeep of the automatons - the Park introduced its first educational activities, encompassing the school curricula for each year.

Teaching activities - the magic of learning through play

Aimed at secondary school students


The Amusement Park and its attractions become a teaching tool to explain concepts in physics and technology; fun is included so that there is a motivation for studying.




  • Complement the school curriculum for the different levels of those wishing to take part in these educational activities
  • Innovate with new resources that are unimaginable in the classroom - so that students interact directly with the concept that they are studying
  • Treat the Park as a macro-laboratory for testing experiences where students form part of the experience. Pupils are actively involved, collecting field data and capturing them in a file in order to subsequently draw conclusions


  • Calendar: these activities take place during term time from October to December and March to May
  • Timing: 10am to 1.30pm
  • Groups need to be made of a minimum of 15 pupils
  • Price:  €5.60 per pupil


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Aimed at 3rd and 4th year primary school pupils


Tibidabo Amusement Park is located within Collserola Natural Park. It also has a special bond with the city of Barcelona, and thus makes it a unique place for understanding and working on current issues relating to our society as well as helping to build the basic skills required by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia’s Department of Education. 




  • Awaken students’ curiosity, so that they observe and learn that cities also have aspects related to the environment - such as transport or waste
  • Through on-site teaching activities, introduce concepts such as biodiversity, the intelligent city and landscapes


  • Calendar: the activities take place during term time from October to December and March to May
  • Timing: from 10am to 1pm
  • Groups need to be made up of a minimum of 15 pupils
  • Price:  €5.60 per pupil


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Aimed at 1st to 6th year primary school pupils


Using LEGO® Education methodology pupils develop skills and competencies for the 21st century.


Activities are based on active construction and guided learning for each pupil


  • Working in teams
  • Resolving problems
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Innovation
  • Leadership


  • Calendar: The activities take place during term time in October to December and March to May
  • Timing: 90-minute sessions, depending on the needs of the school
  • Groups are made up of a maximum of 30 pupils
  • Price:  €5.60 per pupil


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