Mascotes del Tibidabo

If you like Tibidabo, come back as often as you like with Tibiclub


Come and enjoy all the Park’s attractions for a whole year, any time the Park is open (applies to Family and Individual options). Tibiclub Mini (only applies when renewing existing contracts of this type) includes access to attractions within the Panoramic Area, Marionetarium, Hall of Mirrors, Creatibi, Dididado and freedom to walk through the rest of the Attractions Park - for adults with children under 5 included; access to all attractions and shows is subject to height restrictions.


Access to the attractions within the Panoramic Area (Big Wheel, Talaia, Carrousel, Avió airplane ride, Automaton Museum, the Sky Building and three attractions for children: Les Llaunes, Pony Rodeo and Río Grande) - open every day of the year except 6-31 January, Monday-Friday in February and 25-26 December. 

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Free parking in the Sant Genís B:SM car park, located in front of the Vall d'Hebron hospital complex. Pick up your entrance tickets at the ticket office in the car park and take the bus direct to the Amusement Park.


Free bus from Plaça Catalunya

Take the free Tibibus T2A from Plaça Catalunya direct to the Amusement Park; simply show the driver your pass.


Free Funicular railway


Exclusive ticket offices

Gain access to the Amusement Park through Tibiclub's exclusive ticket offices, either at the lower entrance in front of the car park or at the main entrance.


Discounts within the Park

Get 15% off purchases made in the Amusement Park shops and restaurants. Also applies when celebrating your children’s birthday party (up to 12 years old). 


Exclusive communications

We’ll email or write to you so that you’re the first to know about the latest happenings taking place in the Amusement Park.


Discounts on entrance tickets

Get 30% off for family members and friends, up to 6 tickets per contract and per year, by showing your membership card at the ticket offices.  


Plus: get discounts at other tourist and amusement centres

  • Terra Mítica (Mythical Land): 50% discount
  • Isla Mágica (Magic Island, Seville): one free entry ticket per year Promotion does not apply to Agua Mágica (the aquatic area of Isla Mágica). 


To take advantage of these discounts you must show your membership pass. Special offers, benefits and discounts are subject to change by the Company.